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An Asia-based expatriate providing strategic consulting services, communications solutions, and business development support to help bridge cross-cultural perceptions, mitigate risk, advance commercial opportunities, and ease the challenges of doing business in Asia.  I also mentor start-ups and small enterprises, garnering from decades of practical experiences launching and operating businesses throughout the region and in the United States.

Complemented by a global network of subject matter specialists, Insight & Analysis can provide quick connections and long-term solutions for clients looking to either enhance their international reach or contain their exposure. Whether you are contemplating regional start-up/expansion or are already operating in the Asia-Pacific, I&A can provide trusted guidance and expert services to suit your needs.


What I do

With a primary emphasis working with creative content developers, I&A provides business and legal advisory support for individuals and companies around the world.
We work with clients on a defined and confidential basis towards agreed deliverables across the following areas:

Business Development

Business Development Strategy

I&A analyzes stakeholders, business needs, and objectives to identify aligned interests and recommend opportunities for public relations and messaging enhancement, consumer research and awareness initiatives, government relations, and cross-industry coordination. Depending on your field of involvement, Insight & Analysis will identify and introduce important interest groups, organizations and companies and coordinate ongoing relations between you and them. We can also organize or attend industry meetings, conferences, and networking events to help market your products or services, further your objectives, and maintain a regional presence in the Asia-Pacific. I&A also structures various types of business arrangements and agreements between companies setting forth their mutual undertakings and expectations.

Business Liaison

Liaison and Networking

For companies interested in Asia-Pacific markets or operating here without the benefit of a local presence, Insight & Analysis offers a cost-effective alternative to permanent staffing by providing localized, retained support for various projects and needs including market entry or departure, intellectual property rights promotion and protection, management supervision, and liaison services with professional service providers. I&A maintains a network of professional colleagues around the world skilled in diverse subject-matter expertise; this means we can connect you with specialists, liaise with them on your behalf, and oversee their performance and delivery to help you manage operations and assignments almost anywhere in the world.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Brand Enhancement and Risk Mitigation

Insight & Analysis can help promote and protect your company’s business reputation and interests by reviewing and analyzing competing or divergent interests in any situation to identify likely breakdowns, impasses, and concerns while also mapping out accommodating solutions.  We can assess and advise on liability exposure, compliance oversight, and due diligence analysis for clients concerned about or unfamiliar with the challenges of doing business in Asia.  If necessary, we can assist with crisis management and dispute mediation to help clients determine what happened (and why) and identify strategies for their resolution with a forward view towards continued engagement or dignified withdrawal.

Business Communication

Business Communications

Whether a business letter, a conference presentation, a legislative submission, or a summary report Insight & Analysis can draft or edit written and graphic communications tailored for specific markets, territories, and audiences so that you don’t have to.  Focusing on business writing for results, we can structure and prepare localized position papers, correspondence, news articles and media releases, and internal business communication solutions to facilitate more cogent and effective messaging and better comprehension by your target audience.

Cross Cultural Coordination

Cross Cultural Coordination

Insight & Analysis provides bespoke strategic advice and guidance from a western perspective on international markets, cultural dynamics, and situational management – with particular applied expertise extending to the media and entertainment industries – to help gain clarity, temper expectations, and achieve identified objectives. We can also help overseas companies interested in expanding their reach into the United States.  I&A can help bridge cross-cultural perceptions, build alliances, and extend reach for clients located in one part of the world but interested in another.

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Project & Assignments

Both individually or in collaboration with others, we’re well suited to take on simple or complex one-off assignments including launching or winding down operations, drafting or reviewing business contracts or correspondence, organizing and analyzing large volumes of paperwork, and problem solving.  We can also organize and manage research projects for regional or comparative analysis.

  • Extensive in-house experience representing multinational clients’ commercial and contentious affairs in the media and communications sectors
  • International acumen across a variety of business cultures resulting from more than 500 business trips to more than 30 different countries and more than 25 years of Asian expatriation
  • Supervisory experience from past responsibility for more than one hundred executive and operational employees in fifteen different regional markets
  • Proven history of effective advocacy, influence, communication, and rights protection
  • Regionally based, cost-effective alternative to full time staffing or extensive international travel
  • Flexibility to accommodate global scheduling, sudden developments, and “on-the-road” operations
  • Strong network of global contacts providing a wide variety of specialized professional services
  • Individual attention and availability; reliably responsive; highly ethical and trustworthy
  • Confident speaker and communicator resulting from more than 150 public presentations at industry conferences, seminars, workshops, and government proceedings.

About Frank Rittman

Who I am

Frank is the Founder and Principal of Insight & Analysis Ltd. An executive/attorney with extensive international experience in the entertainment and media industries and more than 30 years of applied expertise representing multinational companies’ contentious and non-contentious affairs in the book publishing, music publishing, and motion picture and television industries. A native New Yorker, Frank has lived and worked in four different countries and supervised business executives and professional service providers throughout Asia-Pacific and the world. Functioning primarily in the capacity as a business strategist and legal business advisor throughout his career, Frank has also acted as a communications consultant to help clients expand their reach and profile, target their messaging and advocacy, and build connections to enhance their operations. Before launching I&A Ltd. Frank held the following positions:

  • President & Managing Director for the Motion Picture Licensing Company (Asia) Ltd.
  • Senior Vice President, Deputy Managing Director & Asia-Pacific Regional Policy Officer for the Motion Picture Association.
  • Vice President, International Affairs for the National Music Publishers’ Association and the The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.
  • Director of Contracts & Copyrights for the Macmillan Publishing Company.
  • Legal Associate for G. Schirmer, Inc/Associated Music Publishers
  • A former Chairman of the New York County Lawyers’ Association Entertainment Law Committee
  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Cable and Satellite Broadcasters’ Association of Asia
  • Founding Director of the Centre for Content Promotion,

Frank has authored numerous articles for business magazines and trade journals.

I have 34 years of applied international business experience


What they've said

A gifted orator and communicator able to function proficiently and energetically with the various diverse cultures and changing circumstances of the Asia Pacific Region, Frank thrives in meeting the challenge of putting forward intelligent arguments to advance the issues at hand. He has also shown himself able to be able to advocate effectively with those with whom he engages throughout the Asia Pacific region, including local and regional alliances that he was personally worked to forge over the years.

Christopher J. Dodd United States Senator, 1998-2011 Chairman & CEO, Motion Picture Association 2011-2017

I’ve known Frank for over 20 years. He was in-house counsel to the Harry Fox Agency, the US counterpart of my former company and its parent, the National Music Publishers Association for many years. He’s hugely knowledgeable regarding copyright, the US legal and legislative system and contracts. After HFA and NMPA he went to Singapore as the MPAA’s man in Asia where he pursued copyright infringers and was intensively involved in trade agreement negotiations and related political issues. His knowledge of entertainment law, intellectual property, and the complex issues in the US and Asia make him uniquely qualified to advise on complex issues in this challenging territory.

David Basskin President, CMRRA 1989-2013

I worked with Frank when he headed up the strategic and operational direction of Fox Agency International, a subdivision of the National Music Publishers Association and the Harry Fox Agency. With his tactical expertise in cross-national negotiation, he was an invaluable member of our digital think tank at NMPA. His counsel helped position our strategy in dealing with the legal and commercial issues posed by global digital distribution.

Jeff Okkonen Independent Music Alliance 2016-present

Smart and savvy lawyer in the IP field. Directly involved in negotiating free trade deals with numerous governments in East Asia and Oceania. Relentless in advancing the interests of his clients, yet perceptive of constraints and values of counterparties, most of whom come from diverse cultures.

Lindsay Coburn Principal, Macros Pacific Markets 2004-present


What I've done

Successful consulting projects assigned by clients have included the following:

  • Expanding of a multinational entertainment company’s Asian operations through the establishment of new offices in designated markets, strategic coordination, and oversight of local service providers.
  • Analyzing a portfolio of research grant agreements to determine and advise on intellectual property rights monetization opportunities.
  • Preparing a non-disclosure agreement and related contractual provisions.
  • Advising an overseas music entertainment provider about public performance licensing and regulatory compliance requirements in Singapore.
  • Representing an international asset management group in connection with the further regional expansion of their corporate portfolio.
  • Editing news articles, media reports, and marketing materials for secondary source publication.
  • Structuring an artist-producer music rights participation agreement for a catalogue of recorded music repertoire.
  • Reviewing and revising Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy statements for online commerce providers.
  • Preparing written submissions to European and Asian government regulatory authorities in response to ongoing public policy reviews.
  • Testifying as a registered witness during legislative hearings on behalf of a regional entertainment trade association.
  • Coordinating international outreach for an inaugural scholarly conference in Southeast Asia.
  • Counseling a consumer application developer on an intellectual property rights strategy for related asset protection.
  • Representing media industry associations during regional WIPO training conferences for Asia-Pacific government regulatory officials.
  • Incorporating and registering business entities and securing related banking relationships in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States.
  • Registering trademarks in select Asian jurisdictions to support local and regional product expansion for an overseas horticultural company.
  • Drafting advocacy commentary for online publication attributable to industry luminaries.
  • Negotiating an option agreement for the dramatization of an established literary series.
  • Curating, editing and publishing a monthly newsletter of salient media developments for a professional trade organization.
  • Investigating confidential allegations of employee malfeasance and criminal liability exposure for a multinational corporation.
  • Partnering with a leading university on a thought leadership lecture series examining technological innovation, creative expression, and related policy developments.

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