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Have We Got A Deal? Essential Elements For Any Contract

What's a contract?

What’s A Contract? A contract is simply an enforceable agreement, meaning it represents a promise or a set of promises for which the law provides remedies if breached, or which the law can compel to be honored as a recognized obligation. That’s all it is; it’s what every contract boils down to, and it’s what […]

Thou Shalt Not: Restrictive Covenants And Their Enforceability

Thou Shalt No

Restrictive covenants are contractual agreements that serve to prevent individuals from doing or saying certain things by virtue of their relationship with another party. They come up primarily (but not solely) in the context of employment or services agreements and govern behavior both during and after the termination of such agreements. Restrictive agreements are commonplace […]

Thailand’s Privilege Visa Program: A Sound Investment, Or Just Another Rip-off?

Thailand Privilege Visa

Expatriates looking to relocate to Thailand have a number of immigration options available to them depending upon their intentions, their resources, and their tolerance for risk.  If you’ve been offered employment here, or you’re interested in starting up your own business that you plan to operate yourself or with some partners, you have little choice […]

Writers’ Rights And Responsibilities

Writers Rights And Responsibilities

If you’ve written a manuscript that’s gotten the attention of a publisher and you’ve been presented with a book publishing agreement, congratulations!  You’ve accomplished something many writers don’t, and chances are you’re already represented by a literary agent, or maybe a lawyer, who has already explained all of this to you.  But if it’s still […]

Loose Lips Sink Ships: Protecting Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets

LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS:  PROTECTING TRADE SECRETS Most new businesses spring from a good idea; a “Eureka!” moment about how to do something that nobody’s ever done before, or maybe how to do it better than anyone else ever has.  Perhaps it’s a new product or a service that will capture peoples’ imagination and attention […]

Kicking And Screaming In The Land Of Smiles

Kicking And Screaming In The Land Of Smiles

So you’ve made your way into Thailand, legally, and you figure you’re all squared away with the immigration authorities.  Well, maybe not.  While the vast majority of short-term visitors enter and leave the kingdom without incident or concern, its ironically the case that foreigners who have taken the time and effort to obtain more complicated […]

Perception And Reality: Global Awareness And Respect For Intellectual Property Rights


The World Intellectual Property Office just released the results of their first-ever global survey of more than 25,000 respondents in 50 countries around the world regarding consumer perceptions and awareness of intellectual property rights.  Five categories of intellectual property rights were selected for the survey:  copyrights; designs; geographical indications; patents; and trademarks.  Although well worth […]

Market Forces Or Regulation: Social And Economic Choices For Cannabis Reform In Thailand

Market Forces Or Regulation

The cannabis industry in Thailand has maintained momentum following the previous administration’s decision to remove the plant from the country’s narcotic list in June, 2022.  But that isn’t to say that everyone is happy about it.  Political posturing leading up to and following the installation of the new government in August suggests that policy changes […]

Words That Hurt

Words that hurt

You might have been told when you were growing up that “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”  Some of you went on to learn the hard way, though, that the wrong words at the wrong time or place could earn you a slap across your cheek, or a […]